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About History Making Productions

Founded in 2008 by civic entrepreneur Sam Katz, History Making Productions is an EMMY-award winning film production team and studio in Philadelphia. We are a collaborative of filmmakers, editors, writers, historians,  artists, musicians who have collaborated to share Philadelphia’s rich history through broadcast, broadband, educational, and experiential platforms.


Our flagship documentary film series, Philadelphia: The Great Experiment, explores Philadelphia’s role as the nation’s "research and development laboratory" for ideas and ideals through thirteen chronologically presented episodes. Broadcast on 6ABC/WPVI, the series received both critical acclaim and a loyal audience. The entire digital media content of this project is available at


Additions films include Beethoven in Beijing (premiered on PBS "Great Performances" and 2020 finalist for The Library of Congress Lavine/Ken Burns Prize for Film); Sisters In Freedom (premiered on PBS/WHYY in 2019); Before Hollywood (premiered at the 2017 Philadelphia Film Festival); and Urban Trinity (premiered during Pope Francis’ 2015 visit to Philadelphia).


Learn more about History Making Productions here.

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